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Beautifully played live piano music for your wedding - on our beautifully baby grand piano or your venue's

PianoDaisy, Joanne, will make your wedding day even more special and unique to you, adding an extra layer of opulence and elegance to your wedding day.

Joanne will be in contact from the moment you confirm your booking up until your wedding, offering advice and guidance every step of the way. There can be as many emails, phone calls and meetings (with Prosecco!) as needed. PianoDaisy have another beautiful black baby grand piano at home so you can hear her play anything you would like to hear - whether that be something you've not heard before on a piano, or your most favourite piano piece.

Your wedding ceremony

​Have you ever been to a wedding where the music just cuts off when the bride/groom arrive at the top of the aisle to meet each other? Well, that wouldn't happen with PianoDaisy! Each and every aisle walk piece of music is tailored and timed to also incorporate the number of flower girls, page boys and bridesmaids, so that doesn't happen and the music comes to a natural stop. It is timed to absolute perfection!

​Choosing your very own wedding ceremony music brings a personal touch and adds an extra dimension to your wedding. It's a very exciting time! PianoDaisy will work with you to choose music that will fit perfectly with your requirements and the style of music that you like. PianoDaisy's Repertoire is second to none. It incorporates everything from Bach's Prelude in C Major (the piano part to Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod), and Pachelbel's Canon in D, to Christina Perri, Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran. 


​When Joanne plays for your wedding ceremony, she will play background music as guests arrive and are seated for your wedding ceremony, whilst awaiting the bride/groom in the ceremonial room.


​When you are ready to walk down the aisle ('the walk'!), Joanne will then start playing your entrance music. This is where it gets magical and both you and guests will have goose bumps and tears seeing you for the first time!

​Joanne will continue playing as you are signing the marriage registers, normally 2 pieces.


When you have finished signing the marriage register, and your photographer and guests have taken all of the photographs they need, the Registrar will congratulate you and give you your marriage certificate (or to someone responsible for safekeeping throughout the day!). At that point, your guests will be asked to stand by the Celebrant for the ceremony, and Joanne will play the special piece of music that you've chosen for walking back down the aisle as a married couple. 


Then everyone can relax and enjoy the celebrations!

Your Canapé and

Drinks Reception

This is an ideal way to entertain your guests following your wedding ceremony.

Having piano music played during this part of your celebrations is very popular, and the presence of a live pianist adds a real sense of occasion.

As your guests mingle and have drinks and canapés, this helps set a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Joanne's stunning black baby grand piano will fit and sound beautiful anywhere at your venue - if you and your guests are outside for your Drinks Reception is outside, then that's where Joanne will be!

Your Wedding Breakfast

Playing romantically and quietly whilst you and your guests are eating, why not set create an ambience with a difference?

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